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Webtide Sports User Manual

WebTide Sports is a Plone add-on product that facilitates the creation and management of leagues and tournaments.

Manual version: 0.1


A tournament contains one or more stages (pools, quarters, semis, finals) and stages contain matches. Teams contain player and teams are assigned to matches. Matches contain Notes that reflect "notable" actions in the match like start/end times, goals and cards.

About this manual

The manual contain a series of screenshots of how to create the various content types that make up a tournament.

Adding a Tournament:


Screen shot of adding a tournament in webtide.sports

To add a tournament, login with manager rights, navigate to where you want to place the tournament, click on 'Add new..', and select 'Tournament' from the drop down menu.

Adding Tournament details - Content Tab:

Populated example of edit / create tournament. webtide.sports


Second part of add / edit  tournament screen shot. webtide.sports


Adding Tournament details - Customisation Tab:

Add / Edit tournament, customisation tab. webtide.sports


Add Teams:

Add Team to tournament. webtide.sports

Team Edit Screen

Adding team title, description and logo. webtide.sports