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WebTide's resources


Jurgen Blignaut - Founder, Company Administrator & Software Engineer

National Diploma in Computer Data Processing, Cape Technikon
25 years IT experience. Most was spent in large corporates including defence, financial services, media, and IT companies. He focused on software development and consulting during his career. He has worked with Borland language products, Microsoft operating systems and technologies, and CMS's like Vignette Story Server and Plone. Lately he is focusing on the excellent Django framework for building custom websites.

Mike Metcalfe - Partner, Hosting Manager & Software Engineer

B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science, Rhodes University
25 years IT experience, of which 5 was in research, 10 in corporates and 10 in SMMEs. He has worked in diverse sectors from education to insurance, airlines operations to automotive manufacturing. His responsibilities were researcher, developer, consultant, analyst, business owner and development manager. He has been developing web solutions in Plone and Python since 2006.

Depending on the project and its needs we also work with a close network of sub-contractors, ranging from developers, GIS Specialists to designers.